A Colorful Greek Reading of Mk. 1.1-8: Studies in Mark, Pt. 47

An ongoing project of mine is to perform the entire Gospel of Mark in Greek. I say "perform" because I do not just want to read it. I want it to be lively, colorful, dramatic, etc. I am attempting, in my own way, to mimic how I imagine the Gospel being performed for an audience in antiquity. I do not imagine the performer speaking every word perfectly clear or always stressing things where we'd expect him or her to. I think the performer would have been louder at some points than others, trailed off sometimes, come to pauses in the middle of sentences, etc., much like performers do today. So, lest you be too critical of my reading, please, keep this in mind. I must admit, though, I am having a lot of fun with this. Here's a sample (Mk. 1.1-8):


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