An Interview About My Book "Entering The Fray"

Hi Friends, I just wanted to point you in the direction of a recent interview I did about my book Entering the Fray . Thanks to Matt Montonini for doing the interview on his "New Testament Perspectives" blog and encouraging others to dig into the book. Check it out HERE . If you'd like to get a print or digital copy of the book you can do so on .

"Start Here!" - A New Grammar Resource For Students

I am pleased to announce today, the release of a new language resource for students.  The title of the project is: Start Here! Grammatical Foundations for Students of New Testament Greek (A Student-Friendly Video Series) . As the title suggests, this resource is video-oriented.  It is divided up into 6 main lessons and contains around 5+ hours of grammatical instruction (see image to the left - click an image to enlarge it).  Each lesson consists of a number of short, user-friendly / student-friendly videos and takes note of nearly 200 grammatical concepts that English learners / speakers who want to venture into learning Koine Greek should find helpful.  The videos are available for purchase ($80)  HERE .  Once the purchase has been confirmed, buyers will be sent a download link.  I hope that these videos will assuage some of the fears that students, especially beginners, have when journeying into learning Koine Greek.

The UK Game Delays School In KY

In Kentucky, school gets called off, delayed, or ends early for many weather related events.  My kids have missed more school this year than I think I ever missed in one year during my time as a student in K-12.  It has been a crazy winter for KY and my kid's school has actually extended each day by 15 minutes to make up the lost time!  I also saw just last week that the school in my hometown was put on a 1-hour delay because of a rainstorm (which presumably caused some roads to flood).  But today I witnessed another first, that is, delaying school tomorrow (Tuesday) because of the UK Wildcats game tonight (Monday)!  Check out the note to the left, which I just received from my kid's principal/school!  (No, this is not a joke!)  Yeah, the rumors are true, we're pretty hardcore about our college basketball around here!  Go cats!  #bbn

Ancient Greek Honor Society: Gamma Rho Kappa (GRK)

Recently I had an opportunity to sit down with a friend and colleague, J. Klay Harrison, to discuss the newly launched (International) Ancient Greek Honor Society. The name of the society is Gamma Rho Kappa ( GRK ; see the logo to the left).  In the interview we discuss the purpose of GRK among other things.  You can listen to it for free HERE (scroll to the bottom of the page to download it for FREE).  You can also learn more about GRK and read some relevant documents HERE .  Chapters are already forming in academic institutions.  Why not bring a GRK chapter to your school?  Download the audio and click the above link to learn how.

5 Simple Ways To Be A "Missional" Family

Before too long we will be celebrating the birthday of one of our children.  We look forward to birthdays in the Halcomb household for several reasons, including the ones that most people enjoy:  We celebrate each other and with each other, we get to play with family and friends, and we give gifts to the birthday boy/girl.  But there's another reason that we enjoy birthdays in our family:  We get to be missional!   As is the case with many American children, our kids have more toys than they need.  Birthday parties tend to compound this problem.  So, beginning with our daughter's third birthday, my wife and I decided that we would begin being missional by, instead of asking those coming to the birthday party to bring presents for the child, they would help us do mission work locally.  Now, I'm not saying that we forbid our kids from receiving gifts on his/her birthday or that we, as parents, don't even give gifts--we do.  But what I am saying is that on a da

2 SBL Papers Accepted

I just got word that my second paper (which is the limit for presenters) was accepted for the 2014 annual Society of Biblical Literature meeting in San Diego. This paper will be presented in the "Applied Linguistics for Biblical Studies" section and is titled "Setting Students Up To Fail Biblical Languages: An Assessment of Assessment." My other paper, which was accepted in the Global Education & Resource Technology section, is titled "ἡ καινὴ σχολή· Communicating Ancient Greek Via Modern Technologies." The Greek here (ἡ καινὴ σχολή) means "The New School," which is actually how it will appear in the SBL program because their platform, interestingly enough, is not able to handle Greek characters. Anyway, this is good news and I look forward to participating in both of these fine sections!

Free: 2 Videos & 1 Article

Hi friends, I want to draw your attention to two FREE good videos, one of N.T. Wright and one of Greg Boyd, which you can see below.  In addition, I want to draw your attention to a free article by Steve Runge which you can download HERE .  Hope you find these resources helpful.