Tilling Looks More Like satan than Bultmann

It's pretty frequent that my friend Mr. Tilling gives Bultmann a good slap in the face. So, when I found this "look-alike meter", I decided I'd settle the issue once and for all. I asked the look-alike meter: Meter, who looks more like satan (that is, Mel Gibson's satan)? Well, I'm not a Bultmannee, so, I didn't rig the results; nope, the meter spoke for itself. However, I'm not sure that Tilling will take these results as the last word.


  1. Oh my! This is quite the sickest post of the year!
    When I saw the title of this post, I wondered what on earth to expect.
    And fear not.
    This shall certainly not be the last word on the subject...

  2. AND I must be a sheep in wolf's clothijng. Bultmann, on the other hand, must be a wolf, in sheep's clothing ....

  3. Already handing out blog awards for 2008 and we're not even out of January? Wow! Like I said, I didn't say it, the meter did :)

  4. Now if you'd really wanted to stir things up, you'd have plugged Chris Tilling and Jim West into your "which looks more like Satan?" meter. That would have been really interesting.

  5. Jim,
    Somehow, I knew you'd relate well to these results :)


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